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I am very grateful to have read this book by Suzanne Robins. I now understand much more about this insidious disease that assaults so many bodies and lives. Robins is a terrific writer and she describes her MS experience with candor, boldness, and finesse. Intimately, she shares the impact the disease has had on her life, her fears, and the many lessons she has learned, as well as her frustrations in finding a diagnosis and treatment. She handles how to tell children the truth about illness with great sensitivity. Robins also provides frank and well-researched details about the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of MS. And her lengthy, comprehensive list of resources and references are of great value to the MS patient, as well as those wishing to learn more about the disease.


Excellent book! Have you ever read a book that you felt like it was written about you? This was that book, for me. Robins not only lets us in on her struggles, she also helps educate the reader how to better their life and cope with some of the MS challenges. There are excellent pointers for all sorts of issues at the end of each chapter. Robins is that positive push I needed right now. I was diagnosed in April 2013 and have searched for a book that I could learn from and at the same time find an avenue of familiarity. I have felt alone in this MS struggle, but this book helped me realize I am not alone. I wish I could thank her for writing this.
N. Bauer
Finally! This book was SO good for me. Seeing how another person, especially a mother, handled everyday living of MS, along with the cognitive impairment. This book shows the realities of this strange disease in a down to earth way. I hope people without MS will read it and understand us more. This book gave me hope and new ways of dealing with things.
Imogene Branchwater
Although I was extremely fortunate to have an awesome medical team with me from the start, trying to explain what was happening to me to my friends, family and even work colleagues felt impossible. This book just says it all, putting all the words together so much clearer than I have ever been able to do on my own. I want all of my family to read it.
Sam Mizen
Well done. This book was very well organized and informative. It was a good mix of need-to-know versus personal experience. This is the type of info that money usually can’t buy.
James F. Rendek
The first part of the book made me feel as though I was reading the story of my life since my MS diagnosis in 1994.
K.A. Voellinger
I was nodding my head through the whole book. MS can make a person feel so alone. Reading this book made me feel like I’m not.
Wonderful. As someone who lives with Invisible MS, I really enjoyed this book and the author’s willingness to open up her experiences and share them! Thank you, Suzanne!

Jeffrey Gingold

Suzanne Robins’ writing is a welcome voice: honestly sharing her life path through the MS obstacle course – cognition through physical challenges. Supported by research, her MS encounters and detailed insight – Robins answers critical MS questions, clarifying and identifying options for other MSers to map a personal MS course. You will learn from this book.



Very good book. One of those which I started and didn’t want to finish. Definitely worth a read. Well done.
A very good interpretation of what it is really like to live with MS. Very well written.
Great, easy read and insight into living with MS. Would recommend this to anyone newly diagnosed or family members. At times funny, but very thought-provoking too.

Tanya Hutchison

You are an inspiration! I just finished your book today. Thank you so very much. I was diagnosed 10 months ago. You have helped me by giving a voice to many of the feelings I am experiencing. If you have a blog or any other writings I would be very grateful if you would let me know how to follow or purchase more. Again, my deepest gratitude.

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