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Learn more about the invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis

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My mission

  • To raise awareness and understanding of the hidden impact of multiple sclerosis
  • To dispel some of the misconceptions that people have about MS
  • To create a supportive community for everyone living with this illness
  • To give voice to the experience of those living with its invisible effects
  • To tell my MS story and share what I’ve learned about living with chronic illness
  • To offer hope that it’s possible to live with MS without significant physical disability
  • To make it easier for you to find the information you need about MS
  • To connect you with the very latest MS resources from reputable sources
  • To offer practical tips on how to manage specific issues and symptoms
  • To promote wellness by inspiring you to adopt a healthy lifestyle

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This website is for information purposes only. The content is intended to support, not replace, the relationships you have with your physicians. Don’t delay treatment or use anything you read here as a substitute for advice from a medical professional. Always consult your doctors before starting something new or making any changes.


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